Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost the new year....working towards a new me

So I absolutely failed at updating over Christmas and for that I am sorry. But Christmas was really awesome. I don't know about you guys but Christmas at my house is just so much fun because I get to see all of my favorite people in one room for at least two days. Let's start with Christmas eve eve.

Christmas eve eve I taught cycling at 530 at the Kennesaw II gym. I had 4 people. It was surprisingly a fun class. When I got home bf had picked up the catered food for the holiday party and so I took a really quick shower and got dressed. The holiday party was fun. Mom and dad's friends came over, bf was there, bro was there and eventually my aunt, cousins and her bf and his son showed up. We were up pretty late that night hanging out and then went to bed.

The next morning, Christmas eve, we didn't do a whole lot. Bf, bro, mom, dad and I all had breakfast and then bf and I went to Costco with mom to pick up some stuff. We got home and mom gave bf his present--an ipod nano--so we spent a while putting music on it and figuring out how this new fangled tiny-touch-screen works. He left and then we went to gmas house for Christmas eve.

I basically gorged myself on seafood at gmas. Crab legs, muscles, shrimp, calamari--i even tried the tentacle!! --tilapia, tuna...The list might go on, I don't really remember. I suffered from a seafood hangover the next day. After dinner we did family gifts then dessert. It was most definitely a diet cheat day.

We got home and my bro and I both went to bed. We're usually early birds on Christmas morning so I told him to text me if he woke up first and I'd text him if I woke up first--thank you technology!

The text message came around 6:50AM. I got up and went into bro's room. He said he would take the dogs out if I woke up the rents. I snuck into their room and said "It's Christmas!!!" in a not-so-quiet voice. They were pretty excited to get up too. They got up and we had our christmas morning. It was the first Christmas that it has been just the four of us in 5 Christmases.

Now normally my bro gets the Christmas surprise but this year it was me! I couldn't believe it. My mom is santa claus, I swear. I am currently typing this post on my absolute favorite Christmas gift--my iPad! I hope you all got something cool for Christmas.

I know most of us agree that Christmas is great because we get cool stuff from Santa. But I hope no one forgot the real reason for the season. Now to me it is not about Jesus, since I am not very religious, but it is more about family and being with the people you love. I have the most amazing family and this Christmas was definitely a reminder of how much I love them all.

Christmas dinner was another gorge session. Mom finally let me help with a lot of the dinner prep and getting everything set so I got to participate more in Christmas. I also did everything I could to help her clean because she really is the energizer bunny, especially on holidays, and it is hard to make her slow down and relax.

All-in-all Christmas was amazing and I ate a LOT of junk, but I am happy to be back on track for my bikini diet. Hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as I did and if I don't update before then--which I really will try to--I hope you have a happy new year. Bf is taking me to Aja out dancing on NYE!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE couldn't be more excited!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Twas the night before Christmas Eve

It's so close!! i can't even believe tomorrow is xmas eve!!  SO pumped!

Anyways, before i get too excited, let me tell you about my day.  Got up this morning around 615--ewww i know--and hit the gym for a killer leg workout.  Definitely repped more than my body weight on squats!!!  I am anticipating not being able to walk correctly tomorrow and i'm surprisingly ok with it.  Then did laundry and ate.  I've literally been a bottomless pit today!

After breakfast and starting laundry I had to drop my car off at the dealership because it had a recall.  This whole process was supposed to take 2 and a half hours!  Thank goodness they gave me a loaner car.  Basically i went back to the apt and ate some more until it was done.

Then i got my nails done.  I absolutely LOVE getting my nails done.  I've had pink/white acrylic nails for a REALLY long time--literally i don't remember not having them.  I blame my nail biting problem for my twice a month nail splurge.  Either way, they came out gorgeous so I'm a happy camper.

After nails i ate again--big shock--and now i'm getting ready for workout number 2 of the day, SPIN CLASS!  If anyone is interested i'm subbing at 530 at the Wade Green LA Fitness!

I'm going to have to hurry home because tonight is my mom's annual xmas get together.  Apparently she is picking up food at 6 or 630 (i can't remember) and i'm going to need to take the fastest shower ever!!!  Hope everyone has a fabulous night before christmas eve!!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

today is my friday!!!

Today is my last day of work before Christmas and I am PUMPED!!  Christmas came so quickly this year and i can't believe it is really this weekend!  The only problem with this weekend is that the gym is closed :-(  I know i know, get over it Lex!  I could always go for a run in this "winter" weather.  Or do plyos outside among the "winter" elements.  Gotta love GA!  

Anyways, I'm in such a good mood today.  Last night I went and subbed spin for the second time in what seems like FOREVER!  It was a really great class and I even had a girl come up to me and thank me for the music I used--I teach with all rock music :-).  After spin me and bf went to the mall to try to find my mom socks...that's what she wants more than anything for xmas...socks.  Well the mall turned up nothing so we went back to the apt and had protein pancakes for dinner YUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!!  

This morning we got up bright and early and hit the gym.  I fit in some shoulders yesterday but the LA fitness that I taught at it SO crowded that I wasn't able to finish.  This morning I finished up my shoulder workout, did some glutes, and then some HIIT cardio on the Stairmaster.  Let me tell you, HIIT on the stairmaster is NO joke!  

Some of you might be wondering what this acronym I am using means.  HIIT is high intensity interval training.  Basically it is the least boring cardio ever because you are constantly changing the speed or incline or something to keep your body working hard.  On the stairmaster I did 1 minute at level 5 and then 1 minute at level 12.  I ended up doing only 6 intervals like this but damn was I tired!  This kind of training really doesn't take long to make you sweat.  The last two intervals I decided to ramp it up to level 13 and 14 respectfully.  I was basically dripping by the time we left.

Tomorrow morning we're planning on doing legs.  Legs are my FAVORITE!  Most people--mainly men--hate doing legs.  I have no idea why.  YES they are hard, YES it hurts, YES you will have trouble walking for a few days after, and YES you will feel accomplished as hell!  I see no downside.  Either way, bf is learning to love doing legs too.  Since your legs are the biggest muscle group in your body, when you work them you are burning the most calories.  Another plus for squats and lunges!!  

Hope everyone has a great day!  I think it might be time to eat again :-)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holidays and back pain?

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year!  My family is HUGE on tradition so we basically do the exact same thing every year.  G-mas for seafood, dessert and presents on xmas eve, then christmas day at my house.  fortunately this year my mom is making a ham along with the 3 ginormous prime ribs she normally makes.  i am most definitely not a steak eater and neither are my g-parents and cousin.  My mom likes to accommodate everyone as best she can.  One of the many reasons she is so awesome.  Plus she is Santa.  For real.  My mother is legitimately Santa Claus...ask my brother...she makes Christmas miracles happen.

So anyways, do any of y'all have Christmas traditions that you love/hate/want to share?  I'm curious to know about them if you do!

Ok so to recap the past few days.  Sunday I went to the gym and did legs with bf.  I lifted WAYYYYYY more than I thought I could and have been pretty sore the past few days.  Even squatted more than I weigh--which is a pretty big accomplishment to me.  Sunday I also finally cashed in my xmas present from my aunt that she got me last year--a one hour therapeutic massage.  Dad and I both got one so the massage therapist came to the house and set up and massaged us both.

NORMALLY i wouldn't even think to bitch about getting a massage, and it felt amazing while she was doing it...BUT for some odd reason I woke up at 3AM with really horrible back pain.  This lasted for about half an hour and i rolled around trying to find a comfortable position.  not sure what time i went to sleep but I woke up with the pain.  And even had pain all day yesterday.  I don't know if any of you have ever experienced this but I did google it at 3am and apparently a lot of people have.  I am a little frightened of my next massage. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

twice in ONE day?!

Back again for more! 

Since the whole Augusta fiasco I've basically been on autopilot--eat, sleep, workout, study and take finals.  REALLY boring and stressful and monotonous and THANK GOODNESS IT IS OVER!  but for real, it wasn't SO bad (now that it's over).  I stuck to my diet really well throughout all of it and had a MAX of one cheat meal a week--which i didn't have every single week.  I know, I know, I'm proud too.  

But i guess a good bit has happened in the past two weeks so I'll just hit a few highlights.  1. I hired a trainer.  BIG step i know and i have wanted to for a long time so HELLO subbing tons of classes over break and working as many hours as possible to afford it--so much for a break.  2. the bf is paying for a month of my training--he certainly knows the way to this girl's heart.  BEST gift ever--if you know me you understand.  3. i've lost 3lbs already!  this whole eating clean thing is kind of addicting.  and 4. i've finished my second to last semester of law school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

My last exam was Wednesday night and it was over at 9pm.  Needless to say I was not up for celebrating afterward.  Basically I went back to the apartment, bf, bronson and i watched TV and then i passed out.  BUT last night I did have a celebratory treat.  Bf took me to Nan, a fine-dining Thai restaurant.  BTW i LOVE LOVE LOVE Thai food.  Not only did I have my fave, red curry with chicken (and brown rice--couldn't cheat all the way), but we shared an app and dessert too.  Lately cheating, even once a week, has made me feel terrible about myself but I did allow myself to forget about it last night simply because it was such a fun night out and because the dark chocolate mousse cake thing that we shared (probably 2 inches in diameter and 2 inches high) was DELICIOUS and wasn't a huge calorie loaded treat--just a small one.  

Anyway after dinner we went to Atlantic Station and walked around.  This made me feel a little better about the cheat meal.  I bought the bf his xmas present and then we went to Opera to go dancing.  We were on the "list" so i didn't have to pay to get in and he was 1/2 off.  Weird thing about that place though--filled with people, all standing on the dance floor, but hardly anyone is dancing.  We ended up calling it a night at midnight--i know, i know, we're old--and went back to the apt to bed.  Don't judge, we had to get up early for work!  

Today has been interesting.  I've been working all day, talking to potential clients--always a riveting experience--and eating.  I'm taking the night off of working out to hang out with my brother but i've eaten really well today.

Breakfast was 1cup of egg beaters in an omelet with garlic, pico de gallo, and spinach with irish oatmeal with a tsp of flaxseeds.  Then around 11:30 I had an Oh Yeah protein shake.  Cookies 'n Creme--my absolute fave.  Lunch # 1 was a spinach salad with berries, almonds, and broccoli slaw with panera fat free poppy seed dressing.  Lunch # 2 was a can of tuna.  I had broccoli to go with it but i cooked it with lemon pepper Mrs. Dash and am just not a fan :-(  No worries, I have a 100 calorie pack of almonds to tie me over until later :-)  hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and I'll hopefully have a chance to update some time this weekend.  

Teaching cycling tomorrow morning at 915 at the Akers Mill LA fitness if anyone is interested.  Any takers???

Guess who's back?

ME!!!  Finals are FINALLY over and I sort of get to have a life! !!!!

So i know it has been a while since I last updated and SO much has happened since then.  So let's recap.

The weekend of the Avenged concert, as I so affectionately called "Homeward Bound 2011: Augusta Style"  was an all out nightmare.  Don't get me wrong, the concert was amazing and it was so fun spending time with some of my favorite people, but the trip home was quite the adventure.  Let me preface this story by saying i HATE augusta.  Period, the end.  Nothing good has ever happened to me in Augusta.  I've been there twice ever, both within this past year, and BOTH times disaster has struck.  

My first trip to Augusta this year was for my half ironman.  I had trained all summer for this damn race and then ended up getting a debilitating migraine after the swim that got so bad after the bike that the medics made me stop.  Strike one against Augusta.  

So we get to Augusta on Friday evening and get to our hotel.  Bf and I found an awesome groupon deal for this historic hotel in Augusta that was $200 for the weekend PLUS free breakfast PLUS free champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  Now most of you know I don't drink but it's really hard to pass up free anything.  

We get to our room and somehow it is NOTHING like the description of the room on the website that we looked up before we got the groupon.  So I pull up the hotel website on my iphone and look up the description of the room we were supposed to have.  The description lists a sitting room, veranda, and all sorts of other stuff that our current room is completely lacking.  Me being me decides to go downstairs and argue my way into the room I thought I was supposed to have because damn it I relied on their description to my detriment--yup, law school nerd.  

I get downstairs and of course the guy at the desk is perfectly nice and explains that the website is wrong and somehow every room description says the same thing, but he gives us a suite for free :-)  Score one for me!  We all know this stroke of luck didn't last long.  It didn't even last until dinner!

Me and bf end up going out for dinner to this cute little thai place that was less than cute and more like a bar.  We both order red curry chicken--our fave--and when it comes it is basically GROSS.  Well bf is starving so he says screw it and just begins eating, while I sit there and stare at the bowl like it's diseased.  The waitress comes back and notices this look of disgust...needless to say I ended up with pad thai and the red curry was taken off the check.  SCORE AGAIN for me!  

Alright so moving on...the next day all the friends and my bro get there to meet us before the concert.  We end up grabbing some food and cupcakes--hey I was about to start my bikini diet and figured i needed one last hoorah.  We get to the venue and yup, GIANT line.  On our way to the back of the line we see this guy trying to climb the fence that lines the arena.  Think of a metal fence that lines a cemetery--wrought iron posts.  Well he decides to try to hold himself up sideways, kind of horizontal to the ground.  Then, for some odd reason, he let go--or slipped, not sure which--and just hit the ground.  This guy was COMPLETELY wasted already and was probably 4 feet off the ground when gravity took over.  We most definitely got a kick out of this.

So we get to the back of the line and now i have to pee.  I drink a ton of water and for those of you who know me, you know I have the use the bathroom the second I get anywhere.  So my BFF and I go in search of a bathroom.  The only one we can find is inside a Catholic church near the arena.  Now neither him nor I is all, and i am currently wearing a t-shirt with the f word displayed on the back and he's got dip in his mouth.  We find this highly ironic.  So we go into the church and guess what?  MASS is taking place.  PERFECT!  We use the bathroom and hightail it back to the line.

The concert was AMAZING!  absolutely awesome.  Though I wasn't a fan of some of the opening acts, Avenged puts on one hell of a show, even inside an arena.  There was fire. It was cool.

After the concert bf and I are starving on our way back to the hotel.  We pit stop at WENDYS, somewhere I NEVER EVER NEVER eat! It was the only thing open.  We did our best to eat something somewhat healthy and then went back and slept.  

Sunday started off GREAT!  Breakfast at ihop and then on our way!  This is where the Augusta trip turned very sour.  

So we're on 20 heading back and we're almost to Madison and again, I have to pee.  Surprise surprise!  We start to pull of an exit and my car starts driving funny.  We got a flat tire right there on the exit ramp.  PERFECT!  Oh yeah, and did I mention my car doesn't have a spare?

I'll spare you all the details of my arguing with Cadillac roadside and the trip to walmart for tires that turned out to be a bust.  The result of all of this was me negotiating a tow from MADISON to ACWORTH that Cadillac had to pay for :-)  yeah, I'm going to make a hell of a litigator.  Fortunately the 150+ mile ride in the cab of a tow truck was pretty entertaining because our tow truck driver also did repo--meaning he had some GREAT stories and had even been shot once.  STRIKE 2 AUGUSTA!  There will be no strike 3.  

The tow truck driver dropped my car at the discount tire by my house and I made an appointment the next morning.  Turns out i needed 3 new tires.  BYE BYE MONEY!  But, on a positive note, my car drives like a dream now.

Considering this might be the longest post known to man and I obviously don't want to bore you, my fabulous follower, I will end it here and be back later to update further on the happenings since the fiasco that was "Homeward Bound 2011: Augusta Style." 

Monday, December 5, 2011

I didn't quit yet, I promise!

OK so i know it has been a while since i last updated...blame finals for that!  oh yeah...and a trip to augusta for the Avenged Sevenfold concert--which turned into a DISASTER on the way home.  I have a final tonight @ 6 so I will be studying all day--and by that I mean going to the gym in about 15 minutes, then showering, going through my outline, eating, reading some practice questions, eating, driving to the apartment to drop off the dog, then going to school to eat again and maybe look over my outline one more time before my exam.  Either way, i can't wait to get this exam over.  I have three more after it but at least i'll be making a dent.  I promise to update about all of the things i've done, including the disaster that was "homeward bound 2011: augusta style."  Have a great day everyone and I will be back to the blogosphere soon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You call that productive?

Yesterday was the most/least productive day ever.  Let me explain.

I have finals coming up and I need to be studying (since i literally learned nothing in two of my classes this semester) BUT i also have this little exam coming up in July--AKA the Bar--and of course they make the certification application due DURING finals.  Genius idea i know!  So yesterday was all about finishing that application--which I DID!!!  I also went and got my finger prints done for the application, picked up my MVR from my house AND had an eye exam--which just turned out great.  Apparently not only did my prescription change for my reading glasses, but i need ANOTHER pair for distance.  AWESOME.  It's amazing that I had perfect vision before law school.

Anyway, in all this mess i got NO studying done, couldn't work out, and had to force myself to eat carbs--which is hilarious to me because normally I am a carb junkie!  In deciding to do this bikini competition I made and committed to a choice to eat a certain way.  Since I have the half marathon TOMORROW--that the bf and i completely didn't train right for--i know i need to carb load for it.  I know this seems like fun and normally is considering i love carbs BUT after having made this choice it is hard eat a way that i KNOW is counter to my goal.  OH WELL--i guess it's just this once :-) oh yeah--and thanksgiving day!

So this morning i got up and made breakfast for me and the bf and we switched it up a bit to add more carbs to our breakfast.  Scrambled egg beaters with veggies and salsa along with PROTEIN FRENCH TOAST!  YUMMY!!!  I made the bf the same thing but i cooked his with a mix of regular eggs and egg beaters.  We usually eat really well for breakfast and it is most def my favorite meal of the day.

Any breakfast favorites that you have?

Monday, November 21, 2011

and i'm already forgetting

So i'm sitting on the couch waiting on the bf to get home from work so we can go to the gym (yes i know i should be studying but i'm taking a break) and i realized i have yet to post anything about my workouts or what i'm eating to start my journey to the bikini competition.  Well you all know about last night so let's just start this whole workout/diet thing with today.

For breakfast around 830 I had an egg beater omelet with spinach, pico de gallo, and garlic with a bowl of irish steel cut oats (1/4 cup dry) sprinkled with sea salt. T

Then i went to starbucks and had a cup of awake tea.

Around 12 I went home and had a snack--2 low sodium rice cakes with a tbsp of natural peanut butter (skippy natural--my fave)

At 230 i had lunch--a large salad with baby spinach, strawberries, blueberries, half an apple, hand full of almonds (cinnamon roasted) with a light poppy seed dressing.

Basically all i did today was sit on my butt, study and eat.

Around 4 i had a carb conscious yogurt --kroger brand-- vanilla chai flavor.  Not really a fan of the flavor but this kind of yogurt is delicious.

Now i'm sitting on the couch waiting on the bf and drinking an Oh Yeah cookie and cream protein shake mixed with water.  We're going to do back and core tonight so I need the protein.  I'll update the workout tomorrow.  I'm cooking dinner when we get home--steamed fish with spinach and sweet potatoes!! yummy!


Last night the bf and i went to his parent's house for pre-thanksgiving dinner.  We weren't entirely sure why they decided to have this dinner considering thanksgiving is on Thursday but I do have a theory.  I think they wanted to have a more low key kind of thanksgiving before the whole big shabang on Thursday at the Ritz with all the relatives.  Makes sense to me.

So after having my cheat drink yesterday I hadn't planned on cheating again on my diet.  Well, throw that idea out the window!  Obviously I couldn't pack my own dinner in a tupperware and heat it up and watch everyone else partake in the yummy turkey, dressing and potatoes!  how rude would that have been?  but oh how i wish i had!  NOW that's not to say that bf's mom and dad aren't great cooks--they absolutely are and take pride in everything they make--but what they didn't know when they prepared this meal is that I am lactose intolerant--like completely unable to eat full-fat dairy and most low fat options as well.  Basically i can handle fat free yogurt, some fat free cheeses, and that's. about. it.

I absolutely do not fault them at all for the horrible stomach cramps I experienced all night long after that meal--i mean how were they supposed to know?--but damn did I learn a lesson!  I HAVE to be more outspoken about what I can and cannot (and should not because of my diet) eat!  LESSON LEARNED!

It sucks too because the food was really yummy :-(

ANYWAYS--on to today!  I'm currently sitting in starbucks avoiding studying (what else is new?).  What is it about a busy and noisy coffee shop that plays music all day that is so much more conducive to studying than the quiet apartment with no one home right down the road?  I don't get it but somehow it works.  Oh well, I guess I better get back to it.  Don't worry, i'm sure i'll need a study break soon :-)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

first and foremost--i'm giving up

Now I don't want you to think i'm giving up on blogging already, or that I'm giving up on anything really important.  I've never been a quitter.  BUT I've decided that I'm giving up unhealthy eating (except the few and far between cheat days that I'll allow myself to have) because I've figured out what is going to make me happy.  I want a PERFECT body.  Now i hope this doesn't come off as completely vain or ridiculous--because of course we all have our differing opinions on what constitutes a perfect anything--but let me explain.  

I've been a fitness fanatic since about my sophomore/junior year of high school.  I've competed in endurance activities since the end of college until now--my third year of law school--all with the goal of bettering myself, becoming healthy, and becoming happy.  But from what I've learned from all of my fitness endeavors and accomplishments is that I have a hard time committing to a lifestyle of strict eating for the purpose of getting my body to a point that I personally am proud of.  

Sure you're probably shaking your head right now thinking I sound like a brat for even hinting that I need to lose weight or get into "shape", but for me, I am not where I want to be.  SO i have decided, against all temptation--and if know u me, u KNOW food is my weakness--that I am going to commit to something, COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone.  I am going to compete in a fitness bikini competition!

Now that the giggles and the "oh my gods" are done, let me be real for a second--to me a perfect body is a toned and healthy looking body--with a flat tummy and MUSCLES--NO NO NO, not bodybuilding muscles--but toned, lean muscle with a still feminine look.  

Ever look through a shape magazine?  or women's health?  fitness?  I'm sure you've seen some of the models in those magazines.  Well THAT is the goal.  Toned, feminine, but still strong and lean.  

Personally I know this is going to be a tough road for me--i have a sweet tooth like you wouldn't believe and I come from an Italian family--but since I have decided to commit to this--to commit to making ME happy--I know I can achieve it.  

I can't completely start my diet yet for cutting fat -- yes i have it and yes i hate it -- since i have a half marathon coming up on thanksgiving morning (as well as 2 thanksgiving dinners) I have begun eating the way I should be for the competition with a few cheats here and there.  I will make sure to carb load before the race and to enjoy thanksgiving--DUH, I'm only human--BUT after that, it is protein, protein, protein for me!  oh yeah, and working out of course!

That being said, today is marking the day of my very last Starbucks treat.  I'm usually not a starbucks fan but around the holidays they have a few drinks that i just LOVE.  The one in particular that I decided to end on is the caramel brulee latte--my kryptonite.  As i sit here in the starbucks around the corner and sip my calorie-ful latte, I'm not even sad about this being the last one.  I am giving this up to make myself happy, and i couldn't be more excited.  I hope you all enjoy my journey to this bikini competition.  I haven't yet picked one to compete in but I am thinking about some time in June.  I plan to update you all on my fitness achievements, eating and nutrition, and my life in general.  I hope to gain your support in this fitness endeavor and, who knows, maybe even inspire someone out there to do something that will truly make them happy. 

OK--back to making notecards--finals are coming :-(