Sunday, November 20, 2011

first and foremost--i'm giving up

Now I don't want you to think i'm giving up on blogging already, or that I'm giving up on anything really important.  I've never been a quitter.  BUT I've decided that I'm giving up unhealthy eating (except the few and far between cheat days that I'll allow myself to have) because I've figured out what is going to make me happy.  I want a PERFECT body.  Now i hope this doesn't come off as completely vain or ridiculous--because of course we all have our differing opinions on what constitutes a perfect anything--but let me explain.  

I've been a fitness fanatic since about my sophomore/junior year of high school.  I've competed in endurance activities since the end of college until now--my third year of law school--all with the goal of bettering myself, becoming healthy, and becoming happy.  But from what I've learned from all of my fitness endeavors and accomplishments is that I have a hard time committing to a lifestyle of strict eating for the purpose of getting my body to a point that I personally am proud of.  

Sure you're probably shaking your head right now thinking I sound like a brat for even hinting that I need to lose weight or get into "shape", but for me, I am not where I want to be.  SO i have decided, against all temptation--and if know u me, u KNOW food is my weakness--that I am going to commit to something, COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone.  I am going to compete in a fitness bikini competition!

Now that the giggles and the "oh my gods" are done, let me be real for a second--to me a perfect body is a toned and healthy looking body--with a flat tummy and MUSCLES--NO NO NO, not bodybuilding muscles--but toned, lean muscle with a still feminine look.  

Ever look through a shape magazine?  or women's health?  fitness?  I'm sure you've seen some of the models in those magazines.  Well THAT is the goal.  Toned, feminine, but still strong and lean.  

Personally I know this is going to be a tough road for me--i have a sweet tooth like you wouldn't believe and I come from an Italian family--but since I have decided to commit to this--to commit to making ME happy--I know I can achieve it.  

I can't completely start my diet yet for cutting fat -- yes i have it and yes i hate it -- since i have a half marathon coming up on thanksgiving morning (as well as 2 thanksgiving dinners) I have begun eating the way I should be for the competition with a few cheats here and there.  I will make sure to carb load before the race and to enjoy thanksgiving--DUH, I'm only human--BUT after that, it is protein, protein, protein for me!  oh yeah, and working out of course!

That being said, today is marking the day of my very last Starbucks treat.  I'm usually not a starbucks fan but around the holidays they have a few drinks that i just LOVE.  The one in particular that I decided to end on is the caramel brulee latte--my kryptonite.  As i sit here in the starbucks around the corner and sip my calorie-ful latte, I'm not even sad about this being the last one.  I am giving this up to make myself happy, and i couldn't be more excited.  I hope you all enjoy my journey to this bikini competition.  I haven't yet picked one to compete in but I am thinking about some time in June.  I plan to update you all on my fitness achievements, eating and nutrition, and my life in general.  I hope to gain your support in this fitness endeavor and, who knows, maybe even inspire someone out there to do something that will truly make them happy. 

OK--back to making notecards--finals are coming :-(

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