Monday, November 21, 2011


Last night the bf and i went to his parent's house for pre-thanksgiving dinner.  We weren't entirely sure why they decided to have this dinner considering thanksgiving is on Thursday but I do have a theory.  I think they wanted to have a more low key kind of thanksgiving before the whole big shabang on Thursday at the Ritz with all the relatives.  Makes sense to me.

So after having my cheat drink yesterday I hadn't planned on cheating again on my diet.  Well, throw that idea out the window!  Obviously I couldn't pack my own dinner in a tupperware and heat it up and watch everyone else partake in the yummy turkey, dressing and potatoes!  how rude would that have been?  but oh how i wish i had!  NOW that's not to say that bf's mom and dad aren't great cooks--they absolutely are and take pride in everything they make--but what they didn't know when they prepared this meal is that I am lactose intolerant--like completely unable to eat full-fat dairy and most low fat options as well.  Basically i can handle fat free yogurt, some fat free cheeses, and that's. about. it.

I absolutely do not fault them at all for the horrible stomach cramps I experienced all night long after that meal--i mean how were they supposed to know?--but damn did I learn a lesson!  I HAVE to be more outspoken about what I can and cannot (and should not because of my diet) eat!  LESSON LEARNED!

It sucks too because the food was really yummy :-(

ANYWAYS--on to today!  I'm currently sitting in starbucks avoiding studying (what else is new?).  What is it about a busy and noisy coffee shop that plays music all day that is so much more conducive to studying than the quiet apartment with no one home right down the road?  I don't get it but somehow it works.  Oh well, I guess I better get back to it.  Don't worry, i'm sure i'll need a study break soon :-)

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  1. yay for joining the blog world!! keep the posts coming :)