Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You call that productive?

Yesterday was the most/least productive day ever.  Let me explain.

I have finals coming up and I need to be studying (since i literally learned nothing in two of my classes this semester) BUT i also have this little exam coming up in July--AKA the Bar--and of course they make the certification application due DURING finals.  Genius idea i know!  So yesterday was all about finishing that application--which I DID!!!  I also went and got my finger prints done for the application, picked up my MVR from my house AND had an eye exam--which just turned out great.  Apparently not only did my prescription change for my reading glasses, but i need ANOTHER pair for distance.  AWESOME.  It's amazing that I had perfect vision before law school.

Anyway, in all this mess i got NO studying done, couldn't work out, and had to force myself to eat carbs--which is hilarious to me because normally I am a carb junkie!  In deciding to do this bikini competition I made and committed to a choice to eat a certain way.  Since I have the half marathon TOMORROW--that the bf and i completely didn't train right for--i know i need to carb load for it.  I know this seems like fun and normally is considering i love carbs BUT after having made this choice it is hard eat a way that i KNOW is counter to my goal.  OH WELL--i guess it's just this once :-) oh yeah--and thanksgiving day!

So this morning i got up and made breakfast for me and the bf and we switched it up a bit to add more carbs to our breakfast.  Scrambled egg beaters with veggies and salsa along with PROTEIN FRENCH TOAST!  YUMMY!!!  I made the bf the same thing but i cooked his with a mix of regular eggs and egg beaters.  We usually eat really well for breakfast and it is most def my favorite meal of the day.

Any breakfast favorites that you have?

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