Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost the new year....working towards a new me

So I absolutely failed at updating over Christmas and for that I am sorry. But Christmas was really awesome. I don't know about you guys but Christmas at my house is just so much fun because I get to see all of my favorite people in one room for at least two days. Let's start with Christmas eve eve.

Christmas eve eve I taught cycling at 530 at the Kennesaw II gym. I had 4 people. It was surprisingly a fun class. When I got home bf had picked up the catered food for the holiday party and so I took a really quick shower and got dressed. The holiday party was fun. Mom and dad's friends came over, bf was there, bro was there and eventually my aunt, cousins and her bf and his son showed up. We were up pretty late that night hanging out and then went to bed.

The next morning, Christmas eve, we didn't do a whole lot. Bf, bro, mom, dad and I all had breakfast and then bf and I went to Costco with mom to pick up some stuff. We got home and mom gave bf his present--an ipod nano--so we spent a while putting music on it and figuring out how this new fangled tiny-touch-screen works. He left and then we went to gmas house for Christmas eve.

I basically gorged myself on seafood at gmas. Crab legs, muscles, shrimp, calamari--i even tried the tentacle!! --tilapia, tuna...The list might go on, I don't really remember. I suffered from a seafood hangover the next day. After dinner we did family gifts then dessert. It was most definitely a diet cheat day.

We got home and my bro and I both went to bed. We're usually early birds on Christmas morning so I told him to text me if he woke up first and I'd text him if I woke up first--thank you technology!

The text message came around 6:50AM. I got up and went into bro's room. He said he would take the dogs out if I woke up the rents. I snuck into their room and said "It's Christmas!!!" in a not-so-quiet voice. They were pretty excited to get up too. They got up and we had our christmas morning. It was the first Christmas that it has been just the four of us in 5 Christmases.

Now normally my bro gets the Christmas surprise but this year it was me! I couldn't believe it. My mom is santa claus, I swear. I am currently typing this post on my absolute favorite Christmas gift--my iPad! I hope you all got something cool for Christmas.

I know most of us agree that Christmas is great because we get cool stuff from Santa. But I hope no one forgot the real reason for the season. Now to me it is not about Jesus, since I am not very religious, but it is more about family and being with the people you love. I have the most amazing family and this Christmas was definitely a reminder of how much I love them all.

Christmas dinner was another gorge session. Mom finally let me help with a lot of the dinner prep and getting everything set so I got to participate more in Christmas. I also did everything I could to help her clean because she really is the energizer bunny, especially on holidays, and it is hard to make her slow down and relax.

All-in-all Christmas was amazing and I ate a LOT of junk, but I am happy to be back on track for my bikini diet. Hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as I did and if I don't update before then--which I really will try to--I hope you have a happy new year. Bf is taking me to Aja out dancing on NYE!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE couldn't be more excited!

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