Friday, December 16, 2011

Guess who's back?

ME!!!  Finals are FINALLY over and I sort of get to have a life! !!!!

So i know it has been a while since I last updated and SO much has happened since then.  So let's recap.

The weekend of the Avenged concert, as I so affectionately called "Homeward Bound 2011: Augusta Style"  was an all out nightmare.  Don't get me wrong, the concert was amazing and it was so fun spending time with some of my favorite people, but the trip home was quite the adventure.  Let me preface this story by saying i HATE augusta.  Period, the end.  Nothing good has ever happened to me in Augusta.  I've been there twice ever, both within this past year, and BOTH times disaster has struck.  

My first trip to Augusta this year was for my half ironman.  I had trained all summer for this damn race and then ended up getting a debilitating migraine after the swim that got so bad after the bike that the medics made me stop.  Strike one against Augusta.  

So we get to Augusta on Friday evening and get to our hotel.  Bf and I found an awesome groupon deal for this historic hotel in Augusta that was $200 for the weekend PLUS free breakfast PLUS free champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  Now most of you know I don't drink but it's really hard to pass up free anything.  

We get to our room and somehow it is NOTHING like the description of the room on the website that we looked up before we got the groupon.  So I pull up the hotel website on my iphone and look up the description of the room we were supposed to have.  The description lists a sitting room, veranda, and all sorts of other stuff that our current room is completely lacking.  Me being me decides to go downstairs and argue my way into the room I thought I was supposed to have because damn it I relied on their description to my detriment--yup, law school nerd.  

I get downstairs and of course the guy at the desk is perfectly nice and explains that the website is wrong and somehow every room description says the same thing, but he gives us a suite for free :-)  Score one for me!  We all know this stroke of luck didn't last long.  It didn't even last until dinner!

Me and bf end up going out for dinner to this cute little thai place that was less than cute and more like a bar.  We both order red curry chicken--our fave--and when it comes it is basically GROSS.  Well bf is starving so he says screw it and just begins eating, while I sit there and stare at the bowl like it's diseased.  The waitress comes back and notices this look of disgust...needless to say I ended up with pad thai and the red curry was taken off the check.  SCORE AGAIN for me!  

Alright so moving on...the next day all the friends and my bro get there to meet us before the concert.  We end up grabbing some food and cupcakes--hey I was about to start my bikini diet and figured i needed one last hoorah.  We get to the venue and yup, GIANT line.  On our way to the back of the line we see this guy trying to climb the fence that lines the arena.  Think of a metal fence that lines a cemetery--wrought iron posts.  Well he decides to try to hold himself up sideways, kind of horizontal to the ground.  Then, for some odd reason, he let go--or slipped, not sure which--and just hit the ground.  This guy was COMPLETELY wasted already and was probably 4 feet off the ground when gravity took over.  We most definitely got a kick out of this.

So we get to the back of the line and now i have to pee.  I drink a ton of water and for those of you who know me, you know I have the use the bathroom the second I get anywhere.  So my BFF and I go in search of a bathroom.  The only one we can find is inside a Catholic church near the arena.  Now neither him nor I is all, and i am currently wearing a t-shirt with the f word displayed on the back and he's got dip in his mouth.  We find this highly ironic.  So we go into the church and guess what?  MASS is taking place.  PERFECT!  We use the bathroom and hightail it back to the line.

The concert was AMAZING!  absolutely awesome.  Though I wasn't a fan of some of the opening acts, Avenged puts on one hell of a show, even inside an arena.  There was fire. It was cool.

After the concert bf and I are starving on our way back to the hotel.  We pit stop at WENDYS, somewhere I NEVER EVER NEVER eat! It was the only thing open.  We did our best to eat something somewhat healthy and then went back and slept.  

Sunday started off GREAT!  Breakfast at ihop and then on our way!  This is where the Augusta trip turned very sour.  

So we're on 20 heading back and we're almost to Madison and again, I have to pee.  Surprise surprise!  We start to pull of an exit and my car starts driving funny.  We got a flat tire right there on the exit ramp.  PERFECT!  Oh yeah, and did I mention my car doesn't have a spare?

I'll spare you all the details of my arguing with Cadillac roadside and the trip to walmart for tires that turned out to be a bust.  The result of all of this was me negotiating a tow from MADISON to ACWORTH that Cadillac had to pay for :-)  yeah, I'm going to make a hell of a litigator.  Fortunately the 150+ mile ride in the cab of a tow truck was pretty entertaining because our tow truck driver also did repo--meaning he had some GREAT stories and had even been shot once.  STRIKE 2 AUGUSTA!  There will be no strike 3.  

The tow truck driver dropped my car at the discount tire by my house and I made an appointment the next morning.  Turns out i needed 3 new tires.  BYE BYE MONEY!  But, on a positive note, my car drives like a dream now.

Considering this might be the longest post known to man and I obviously don't want to bore you, my fabulous follower, I will end it here and be back later to update further on the happenings since the fiasco that was "Homeward Bound 2011: Augusta Style." 

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