Friday, December 16, 2011

twice in ONE day?!

Back again for more! 

Since the whole Augusta fiasco I've basically been on autopilot--eat, sleep, workout, study and take finals.  REALLY boring and stressful and monotonous and THANK GOODNESS IT IS OVER!  but for real, it wasn't SO bad (now that it's over).  I stuck to my diet really well throughout all of it and had a MAX of one cheat meal a week--which i didn't have every single week.  I know, I know, I'm proud too.  

But i guess a good bit has happened in the past two weeks so I'll just hit a few highlights.  1. I hired a trainer.  BIG step i know and i have wanted to for a long time so HELLO subbing tons of classes over break and working as many hours as possible to afford it--so much for a break.  2. the bf is paying for a month of my training--he certainly knows the way to this girl's heart.  BEST gift ever--if you know me you understand.  3. i've lost 3lbs already!  this whole eating clean thing is kind of addicting.  and 4. i've finished my second to last semester of law school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

My last exam was Wednesday night and it was over at 9pm.  Needless to say I was not up for celebrating afterward.  Basically I went back to the apartment, bf, bronson and i watched TV and then i passed out.  BUT last night I did have a celebratory treat.  Bf took me to Nan, a fine-dining Thai restaurant.  BTW i LOVE LOVE LOVE Thai food.  Not only did I have my fave, red curry with chicken (and brown rice--couldn't cheat all the way), but we shared an app and dessert too.  Lately cheating, even once a week, has made me feel terrible about myself but I did allow myself to forget about it last night simply because it was such a fun night out and because the dark chocolate mousse cake thing that we shared (probably 2 inches in diameter and 2 inches high) was DELICIOUS and wasn't a huge calorie loaded treat--just a small one.  

Anyway after dinner we went to Atlantic Station and walked around.  This made me feel a little better about the cheat meal.  I bought the bf his xmas present and then we went to Opera to go dancing.  We were on the "list" so i didn't have to pay to get in and he was 1/2 off.  Weird thing about that place though--filled with people, all standing on the dance floor, but hardly anyone is dancing.  We ended up calling it a night at midnight--i know, i know, we're old--and went back to the apt to bed.  Don't judge, we had to get up early for work!  

Today has been interesting.  I've been working all day, talking to potential clients--always a riveting experience--and eating.  I'm taking the night off of working out to hang out with my brother but i've eaten really well today.

Breakfast was 1cup of egg beaters in an omelet with garlic, pico de gallo, and spinach with irish oatmeal with a tsp of flaxseeds.  Then around 11:30 I had an Oh Yeah protein shake.  Cookies 'n Creme--my absolute fave.  Lunch # 1 was a spinach salad with berries, almonds, and broccoli slaw with panera fat free poppy seed dressing.  Lunch # 2 was a can of tuna.  I had broccoli to go with it but i cooked it with lemon pepper Mrs. Dash and am just not a fan :-(  No worries, I have a 100 calorie pack of almonds to tie me over until later :-)  hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and I'll hopefully have a chance to update some time this weekend.  

Teaching cycling tomorrow morning at 915 at the Akers Mill LA fitness if anyone is interested.  Any takers???

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