Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Falling off the wagon--JUMPING back on

I'm not perfect.  DEFINITELY not perfect.  This past weekend is a sentiment to that statement.  I'm not going to confess the extent of my food sin this weekend but let's just say, it was BAD.

BUT, I didn't let it get me down.  I was back in the gym Monday morning DARK and early--since it was before 5am--teaching spin and getting some legs done!

Yesterday was also a big day.  me and the bf decided to both sign up to do the Bodybuilding.com $100k transformation challenge.  We took before pics and started our profiles.  We picked training programs to follow and committed to pushing each other.  I really think this is going to help in my ultimate goal of the bikini competition in mid-March.  

This morning I got up and hit the gym around 7.  I have a long day of class until 9 but didn't want to miss my workouts.  Eddie, my trainer, and I did back and abs.  I'm definitely feeling it today.  I also packed up all of my meals for the day.  Speaking of which--I ordered a six pack bag the other day and it will be here tomorrow!!  If you don't know about these bags, check out www.sixpackbags.com.
I can't wait to start packing my meals in this thing.  

How do you guys plan and pack your meals?

Monday, January 16, 2012

life is a balancing act

Balance. Something we all strive for in life. Balance between school, work, family, friends, significant others, working out, relaxing, alone time, and everything else we try to cram into life. But how do we fit all of this stuff in?

I don't know how you guys do it but I know what I do--i get up REEEEEEEEEALLLLLLY early!

But seriously, I wanted to share with you guys what my typical week looks like and how I fit in being a full time law student, working, teaching spin, training for a bikini competition, eating healthy, and still managing to be a girlfriend to the bf and a daughter and sister.

Let's start with Monday. Today was NOT the typical Monday since I didn't have school or work, so we'll just look at my typical week. Monday starts BRIGHT and early--well not so bright considering it is dark @ 5am. The alarm goes off at 5 and I force myself and bf out of bed. We get ready as quick as possible that early and head to the gym for spin class, protein shakes in tow. (this is after consuming a preworkout to get the blood flowing) Spin is from 545-630 then we lift until we have to get home to get ready for work.

I work normally from 9-130 then head to the apt to take Bronson Bear out and to get ready for school. At this point I've already had a protein shake, breakfast, and another meal. I have class from 245-530 then home to do homework and eat and sleep. We're usually in bed by 9:00.

Tuesday is normally my day off from working out since I have class from 1030-900.

Wednesday is the same as Monday except I don't have class in the afternoon. I'll use this time to do homework, catch up on anything I hadn't finished, and try to relax a little on hump day.

Thursday is CRAZY in the morning. I get up and drive to Acworth to train with my trainer at 8am. I haul it back to the apt to get ready for school. Class from 1030-230 then home to start working on the work for the next week.

Friday--ahhh at last! Bf and i get up early to workout--or, depending on how exhausted we are from the week, we'll "sleep in" until about 645 (i have to be at work at 830) and we'll workout in the evening. I work until about 3-330 and then home for more homework/extra curricular school stuff/class prep/try to breathe. If we didn't workout that morning we'll go to the gym in the evening.

Saturday is never really predictable. I try to go home every weekend to see my parents and brother since I'm MIA all week. Sunday consists of training with my trainer at 1030, then boot camp--which i'm yet to attend, and prep food for the next week. Bf and I try to cook all of our meals for the week--with the exception of breakfast and normally dinner--that way we can just put meals into smaller tupperwares from the bigger tupperwares that were already in the fridge and head out for the day. I think we singlehandedly keep gladware/rubbermaid in business.

Somehow in all of this we each manage to eat between 5-8 times a day, communicate to one another through chat or text, and come home to each other without getting sick of one another. I think anyone who can handle my crazy schedule and still have a smile on his face when he sees me at home is a keeper :-)

What is your week like? How do you balance?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolution? Isn't that just a fancy name for giving up?

I admit...I am 100% cynical of new year's resolutions.  And in my mind, rightfully so.  How many of you made a resolution this year and have already given up on it?  IT'S ONLY JANUARY 5TH PEOPLE!!  The funny thing is, most people with start out the year completely gung ho about a goal and then drop off within the first month.  

Why is this?

It's because people set nonspecific, long term goals.  I've heard "my goal this year is to be healthy," or "to workout" or "to eat better."  All of this sounds great in theory and I wish people would stick to these broad goals, but it is human nature to give up once we decide we aren't seeing results fast enough or we are already tired of eating the same thing or getting up early without results.  We are a species that values instant gratification.  Once hard work isn't paying off quick enough, we jump off the bandwagon like our life depended on it, because it is definitely easier than the alternative--committing to that hard working and *gasp* spending the time it takes to see results!  

I am definitely guilty of setting the goal to be this or that and falling off the band wagon when I wasn't seeing the results I wanted.  But I've learned--and I know this is going to sound obvious and you're probably thinking, well DUH lex--that when you want something, you have to commit to it, 100%, through the good, the bad and the ugly.  Now this could be committing to a diet, to a workout, or even to a person.  But you have to remember that ultimately whatever it is you are committing to, you can't just stop the second it gets hard, or boring, or you're just tired of the same food every day and want ice cream.  That doesn't work and ultimately takes you further from your goal.

I decided back in November--I say it like it was so long ago--that I want to compete in a bikini competition this year (or maybe a few).  I started dieting and lifting weights again.  When the holidays came around I cheated on my diet BUT they were cheat meals, NOT cheat days.  I didn't take the whole week of the holiday and binge and skip workouts.  Yes i did have the sweets that I don't normally eat, and yes i did have a few drinks on new year's to celebrate, BUT the next day or even the next meal, I was back on track.  

This is how resolutions SHOULD work.  So you fall off the wagon for a meal or miss a workout--WHO CARES?  As long as you get back on or hit the gym the next day, you are still on track to get to your ultimate goal.  It is healthy to take a day off for rest and to have a cheat meal ONCE in a while.  This is where people go wrong when it comes to resolutions.  The thought process goes from "oh man I cheated and ate a sweet, this day is probably a waste so I guess I'll just binge all day"  or "I missed a workout, now my whole week is messed up, I'll just take the week off."  This mindset leads to--"well i've already stopped eating healthy or stopped going to the gym, I might as well forget it."  

This mindset also comes from making goals that are too broad.  If people set specific resolutions that gave them small goals to push to, then I think more people would stick to their resolutions.  So maybe someone really wants to lose 40lbs this year.  Well making a goal to lose 40lbs is great BUT unless someone gives themselves a timeline or smaller increments--like I want to lose 10lbs by the end of the month--then the 40lbs is going to seem completely unattainable.  

By giving ourselves small milestones to reach for, it is much easier to stick to a long term goal, and hell, who knows, maybe we'll enough the process.  

I've made several resolutions for this year, all of which are ultimately longer term goals, but i've broken them up into smaller milestones to reach to keep myself on track.  Obviously bikini competition is a huge goal for me.  But I have a daily goal of eating a certain amount of protein, and consuming certain healthy meals.  I have a daily goal of training a certain body part or kicking my cardio up a notch.  These smaller goals have led to some bigger results so far.  By not focusing so much on the end goal, but always keeping it in mind, my bigger goals seems less daunting and more easily attainable.  

I hope you all have made resolutions or goals for this year and that you decide to stick to them.  That's all it really is anyway--a decision to commit.  Just remember that committing, I mean REALLY committing, is for the long haul--through the good, the bad, the bored, and the ugly (i know I'm not particularly pretty at 5am but i'm still getting up).  It's your life, decide to do with it what you will, but if there is something you REALLY want, don't let it be just another resolution that gets lost after a month.  Make it a lifestyle change or a daily challenge to keep yourself interested and motivated.  And I'll definitely be here to support you through whatever your goals might be.  

SO let's hear it, what are your resolutions?  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Happy New Year everyone!! I know I'm about three days late but better late than never right?

I don't know how you guys started off your new year but I went DANCING!!!  Dancing is definitely one of my most favorite things to do.  I'm not really into the whole bar scene but put me in a club with some good music and I am happy as a clam!  Let me recap my new year's eve.

It all started last week when the bf and i were trying to figure out what to do for new years.  See he knows i LOVE to dance because we actually ended up dancing for a few hours the first night we met.  He tries to make it sound all romantic by saying we started dating that night after we had our first dance.  In theory it sounds so sweet until you hear the context--it was an after party for a wedding we both attended at a club in Milledgeville and our first dance was to the Ying Yang Twins or some equally talented musician.  Either way we most definitely love to dance together. 

We started looking up stuff online about new year's eve parties that were going on in Atlanta and seeing what our friends were doing.  We ended up finding a deal for tickets to Aja for $40 a piece.  This was a surprisingly good deal considering it said open bar and open food.  Little did we know that those two were complete BS.  

We got to Aja around 930 or so and learned of this BS about no open bar and no food.  Good thing we're normally bottomless pits and ate before we left.  In the spirit of the new year we decided to head to the bar for a drink.  I admit this night was definitely a cheat night so don't judge me!  

We get our drinks and start walking around scoping the place out.  The bf and I don't normally drink so we were feeling drink #1 pretty quickly and somehow decided drink #2 would be a good idea.  I give you, exhibit A:

Not real sure what happened with the light there but this is a very good depiction of how he was feeling after drink #1.

Anyways, so once it started getting later, the party really got started.  We saw a good bit of people we knew and talked to them but mostly we danced.  My feet were killing me by the end of the night because I was of course wearing heels.  But it was completely worth it!

We'd been dancing for a while at this point.

We left Aja around 2 after witnessing 2 fights, dancing the night away and sharing one hell of a kiss at midnight.  Although we were pretty irritated about the lack of open bar and food, we most likely would have paid for the tickets to Aja anyway if we had known that those weren't included.  Big fail to them though for the false advertising.  Oh yeah, and for this:

For those of you who can't tell, this is a row of porta-potties outside of Aja.  The restaurant itself only has single stall bathrooms so they made them both ladies' rooms and moved the men outside.  Keeping it classy!

After leaving the club we both realized we were starving--BIG SHOCK--so we decided on one of the only places open at this hour that we could count on--Waffle House.  I know, I know, please keep the shock to a minimum.  We decided Waffle House would be a good way to finalize our cheating day considering we won't be having very many in 2012. Plus, we had burned plenty of calories dancing to justify it.  YEAH....Right... ;-)

That was basically our NYE.  I can honestly say I have never had such a fun NYE and can't wait to go dancing again.  Bf and I decided it has to become a more regular occurrence.  

What did you do for NYE?