Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting stuff done!

This weekend was all about being productive.  well...sort of...

Friday was my first day off of the gym in a while so it was nice to get to relax.  and by relax i mean actually do my laundry.  The bf and I also finally got to watch some of our shows that we have recorded over the past few weeks so it was really nice to finally get to spend some time together.  most people think that if you live with your significant other then you spend a lot of time together...FALSE!  

Anyways so Saturday we were going to get up early, go bikini shopping for my competition, go climb stone mountain, and go out dancing!   We got up around 830--which, if you know me, you know this is sleeping IN--and had breakfast.  Another morning of egg whites and plain oats for me all mixed together with a LIIIIIIIIITLE bit of salsa.  Then we got ready and drove to stockbridge to buy me an itsy bitsy teeny weeny competition bikini!

We got to the store and i was instantly in love with this little custom bikini shop!  The lady who owns the place was SO helpful and really made me feel comfortable walking around in my 5inch heels while trying on bikinis.  She brought me different suits to try on and helped me figure out which style/color looked best!

I tried on everything from orange to pink to highlighter yellow!  BUT i finally fell in love with MY SUIT!  I won't reveal the color quite yet but i am SO excited about it.  This was the first suit this woman has ever made in this color!!!  I should have it this coming weekend!! and i left the bikini shop and ate lunch in the car--yes we packed food for a short trip haha.  We decided that stone mountain was NOT going to happen considering it was 4 degrees outside and I didn't feel like being blown off of a mountain by 80 mph winds.  So we made a trip to the sporting goods store.  After a few other stops along the way home, we were starving.  We stopped for sushi and had some of the best sashimi!  (don't worry i had low sodium soy sauce and BARELY touched it)

We got home and were just pooped.  We ended up snuggling and watching TV for the rest of the night--something we never get to do.  

The next morning was training with E.  We hit shoulders HARD and then, since boot camp was cancelled due to sub-zero temperatures, bf and I did abs.  The rest of the day was spent doing homework, cooking fish for the week, and dinner w/bf's parents--and yes, we did both bring our own food.  Surprisingly we weren't interrogated or made to feel horrible for not eating what was being served.  Everyone was genuinely curious about what we were eating and why.  This was so refreshing!

I could really use another weekend! How was your weekend?  What healthy things did you do?

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  1. Can't wait to find out your bikini color! Let's just say, Saturday was Faturday at the Duncan house. Love your blog!