Friday, February 3, 2012

it's getting serious!

I haven't mentioned it a whole lot but if you'll remember back to my first post, I am currently training for a bikini competition.  Come to find out that competition is coming up QUICK and I feel anything but ready.  SIX weeks guys, that's all I have left to look incredible and I'm seriously far behind.  

My trainer emailed me today and told me my diet gets MAD strict on Monday.  Actually he said "strict as a mugg" but I didn't think i could pull it off as well as he does.  

Either way, I have to waive BYE BYE to berries, apples, and pretty much anything other than tilapia, asparagus, egg whites, chicken, sweet potatoes and plain oats. I get one protein shake per day and no more pre workout!!  grrrrr i'm starting to dislike this idea!  OH'll all be worth it in the end.  

On a slightly more positive note, i made one of the BEST investments the other day!  A SIX PACK BAG...

I have wanted one of these things for a while now and so i finally broke down and spent the money on it.  Basically it is a giant lunch box.  It holds EVERYTHING i need for the day and keeps is nice and cold so i don't have to try to shove it into the fridge.

I used it today and I am officially in love.  It also holds protein shakes or water bottles or produce in the side pouches and my vitamins and silverware on top!

Here are two of the meals I had packed in there today: 
this is going to be my go-to meal starting monday (minus the brown rice).  Tilpia and asparagus.

I also packed a salad with chicken, blueberries, and broccoli slaw.

Then my third meal that i've had today (fourth if you count breakfast) was at home so I didn't need it packed up.

Chicken with mixed veggies and steamed sweet potatoes with cinnamon and splenda.  If you aren't a fan of sweet potato but want to love them--because their SO SO good for you--try cutting them into cubes and putting them into a tupperware with cinnamon and splenda.  Microwave for about 3 minutes with the top on and they'll be perfectly steamed and SO good that you'll never believe they're good for you.

Anyway that was my day SO far.  I'm really nervous about the upcoming weeks and being able to get my body where it needs to be in such a short period of time.  Any words of wisdom or encouragement will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. LOVE your blog Alexa! Keep us up to date on your progress...and now I have to get one of those bags! LOL