Monday, February 27, 2012

My Super Packed weekend!

This weekend was slammed packed full!  Friday evening the bf and I drove to my parents' house to spend the night since i had TWO demos the next day.  Friday night was spent doing laundry and prepping meals for the next day since me and the bf were going on a mini road trip--from acworth to peachtree city to alpharetta and BACK to acworth.

We got up bright and early on saturday, ate our breakfast, packed up the car with my OhYeah! samples and headed out!  The first demo was in Peachtree City from 9-11 and the second was in Alpharetta from 12-2.  

Both demos went pretty well, with the exception of one particularly hostile woman who for some reason was mad at my for giving things away for free. I resisted my obviously lawyerly temptation to argue with her and put her in her place so I was pretty proud of myself. The second demo was pretty quiet but a success nonetheless.

We got back to the parents' house and I was just completely exhausted.  We ended up taking a much needed day of rest.  Good thing...because Sunday was FULL of activity!

Sunday morning we got up and headed to the gym.  I had training with Big E, my trainer.  We started early and he basically desecrated my shoulders--or CAPS as he likes to call them.   After the 45 minute shoulder crushing, bf and I headed over to the high school down the street to meet Big E and Jill, the other trainer for boot camp.

Now i have been dying to make it to this boot camp but the weather has been anything but cooperate these past few weeks.  Sunday was PERFECT!

Big E's boot camp is definitely not the typical boot camp.  We started by running on the field, down each yard line and then doing 10 jumping jacks at the end of each line.  After that we ran stadiums, flipped tires, dragged tires, pushed football dummies, and a bunch of other awesome and challenging stuff.  After this workout, i was down for the count...or so i thought

During boot camp my daddy called me.  I called him back and he invited me and bf to this mountain bike demo he stumbled upon during his ride.  We get there and end up testing out brand new mountain bikes on an hour long ride!  i was STARVING by the end of all this.  and incredibly tired.  Bf and I passed out quite early last night--well we had to...I had to teach spin at 545 this morning.  And let me tell butt was not feeling not having any cycle shorts on during that demo ride!!

What did you do this weekend?

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