Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Operation ARNOLD!!!

Today commences Operation ARNOLD--me and bf's plan to pack, prep, and drive our way across the country--up the east coast anyway--to the second largest bodybuilding competition in the world--THE ARNOLD CLASSIC!  

Since i'm at work most of the day, he is in charge of beginning our packing for the trip.  We are leaving bright and early on Thursday so we need to have everything ready to go tomorrow afternoon before we go to my parents' house to spend the night--they are watching my baby boy 

 Not only does this trip require us to back clothes, but since my competition is so close, we also need to pack MEALS!  I know I know, i'm going to look like a crazy person rolling up to a hotel with a giant cooler and our kitchen microwave (since we already checked and our room doesn't have one) but it's all in the name of fitness!  Which of course is the whole purpose of the Arnold anyway!  

So i guess i feel a little more hardcore now that i'll be cooking up days' worth of fish and veggies and bringing along tupperware, egg whites and oats to cook in our hotel room to stay on my diet.  Better to be prepared than to have to drive around Columbus, Ohio searching for food that I can actually eat.  Plus i'll be able to spend more money at the EXPO!!!  

I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one whose packing list includes: egg whites, oats, brush, hair dryer, makeup, sports bra.  

ANYWAYS this is how I will be spending the last half of my LAST spring break ever and I could not be more excited.  I've never been to a bodybuilding show and I'm so excited that my first gets to be the Arnold!  Even though it is in such an unexciting town.  BUT Bf and I are already planning on saving to attend Olympia in the fall--which just so happens to be in...wait for it...VEGAS!!!  

I just wish today would go by faster at work so I can get home and get cooking and packing!!!  All after a hellacious leg workout and cardio with the bf of course!  Hope you all have a great day!  


  1. OMG OMG!!! I am SO jealous that you're going to the Arnold! I have always wanted to go...If you meet Nicole Wilkins Lee, tell her she has a HUGE fan in Germany!!

    1. u know it girl! if i meet Nicole Wilkins i am DEF getting a pic and posting it ASAp

  2. Im jealous!! Shaun and I decided not to go and to just wait for next year when we can plan better haha!! My sister having her baby through us off but in a good way bc now Im an aunt!

    The hotel doesnt have a microwave in the breakfast area? Either way have a BLAST :) Ill need video and pictures ASAP!

    1. Surprisingly, the hotel does NOT have a microwave in the breakfast area so we are carting our own microwave along with us. I feel like a psycho but better prepared than not! and i will most def be texting u pics and taking video :-) Wish u were coming. Let's plan on going to Olympia together!